This section is about things I did / do in my spare time to extend my skills or do some cool stuff for work projects, to give the client even more than expected.

Some of the projects I work on will become web apps for my friends or I just do it to have fun experimenting with new technologies.


google maps

I developed an algorithm that pushes markers into a cluster if they are to close together.

You can feed the plugin with your data and have a beautiful map without overlapping markers, when you zoom in or out, it recalculates the cluster, to have a perfect result for all zoom levels.

Get the code

canvas animation

The HTML5 feature canvas enables animated content, user interactions and even building entire games.

I used it for animated background images, animated design elements or giving the user the possibility to "play" with the website.

Canvas blog article

fun with svgs

SVGs are vector graphics and look therefore crisp on every device, they are usally used for logos and icons.

SVGs can be used to create text effects, icon animations, adding filters to images or masking images.

The animations can be done with JavaScript or SMIL.

SVG blog article


PHP coding

PHP was the first programming language I learned and I created heaps of application to improve my skills.

I created my own PHP framework llaneza (3 years ago, it still works but is outdated now), I built a CMS for holiday homes with a booking engine, billing functionality and much more.

A project I redo every two years is a football betting game to bet on the EURO or the football world cup.