Whistler Luxury

I developed the front end of the website for luxury Whistler real estate listings, it has elegant transitions for images and content to make it stand out like the listings itself.

I added custom Javascript code for the section scrolling on the homepage and the filters for the listing page.

The homepage sections

The homepage has 3 full screen sections that are stacked behind each other and on scroll reveal with nice transitions of the image and the text.

On mobile the content is laid out underneath each other, to create the best usability for every device.

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The filter for the listing page

The filter functionality and the grid for the filter needed some custom javascript, the plug-in NoUiSlider for the range slider and CSS for the layout and transitions.

A Code snipped to update after filtering

In this case I only had a few items that needed to be filtered and therefore there was no need for a JS framework.

I cached the items, wrote a filter and then replaced the ones on the page with the filtered result.

// remove current listings
self.container.innerHTML = "";

// create a "virtual" DOM node
var fragment = document.createDocumentFragment();

self.filteredElems.forEach((el) => {
    // it would be bad for performance to add them directly to the DOM
    // add to the document fragment

// append all items at once for a good performance, DOM is only touched once

CSS for the listing page

The layout is quite complex and needed therefore different styles for the links and the ":last-of-type" attribute to change the layout in order to not create empty spaces.

// the CSS for the filtered layout
// floating links as squares with 1/4 of the width of the parent
a {

// first, 4th, 7th and so on are 1/2 half of the width
a:nth-child(3n+1) {
// 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th,... need to be moved to stay inside the grid
a:nth-child(6n+6) { 
// every 6th element need to be moved to the left
a:nth-child(6n+6) { 

// there are cases where there aren't enough listings to fill the grid
// the following css will fix the empty spaces in the layout
a:nth-child(3n+2):last-of-type {
    padding-bottom: 50%;
a:nth-child(6n+5):last-of-type {

The flexibility of the layout

The layout of the listings changes not only based on your screen width but also based on the amount of elements, to not have empty spaces and always a clean design.